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Can personal training be provided?

Yes, we are more than happy to provide personal advice to your team and we will implement this system. Please contact customer service representatives in advance by sending an email to support@bpaus.net.

How long will it take my team to get up and running?

The system is built using existing methods for treating autism and has been tested by our experts and users on the ground. A team will begin activities following the completion of an interactive tutorial and reading a user guide.

How long is the contract?

The minimum contract length is one month. We offer discounts for long-term contracts and a number of families listed in the package. A trial package may be used to perform initial tests

Is my information safe?

Yes! We take data protection seriously. Our servers are located in KAMATERA, a world-class data center protected by verified biometric locks and factors and 24-hour monitoring. We ensure that our app will always be updated with the latest security fixes. All programs are SSL encrypted to protect your data.

Will my information be shared with anyone without my written consent?

Never. We will never share your information with third parties. We take your privacy very seriously.

Do I need Internet access when working with the system?

Yes, you need an Internet connection while operating the system.

Is staff limited in size?

The limitation depends on the type of package, for example in a trial package there is a limitation for the treating staff (specialist, therapist, and a family). In other packages, the number of staff per family is based on the package purchased, it is possible to purchase a personalized package. You have to pay the number of accounts receivable (families).

Can more families or customers be added to a basic package, such as 6 instead of 5?

Additional clients can be added to a basic package by contacting the system administrator via email at support@bpaus.net.

How do I make a payment?

You can pay by credit card in our automatic billing system.

Do I have to download the application?

BPAUS is a Web-based application and does not have to be downloaded. You can browse from most mobile devices through most web browsers.

What devices and browsers do you recommend?

Tablet or smartphone:
Recommended Baseline Requirements:
1.5 GHz processor or greater.
RAM: 2G minimum
Android: 4.4 or greater.
Apple: iOS 8 or greater.
Screen size 7″ or greater.


We recommend working with:

Chrome version 83 or higher or Safari version 6 or higher When you access BPAUS, we do not guarantee full functionality for the system in other browsers. It is your responsibility to ensure that your browsers and operating systems are regularly up-to-date.

We strongly suggest that you test your device with our trial package.

Is there an option to transfer a client to another specialist or therapist?

Yes, the system allows the transfer of a client to another specialist/therapist, subject to registration and a suitable package in the system by a user to whom the client is transferred.

Can my account be deleted from the system?

Yes, account deletion is done in user settings or by contacting customer service by e-mail at support@bpaus.net.

Anything else you need to know?